Bell ‘AMSTERDAM’ model

Specification of the BELL AMSTERDAM model (A442- thick wall)

Whisper Key Lock - left hand
Long Joint- additional roller: Low D Key
Long Joint- Low C Tab
Long Bell/compact model
Wing Joint- Thumb rollers: C#/Whisper Key
Wing Joint- additional roller: Middle A Key
Left Hand Eb Trill Key
High E key
Silver watertubes
Boot Joint- additional 2 rollers: Low E Key
Ab-Bb Trill Key
Balancer Hanger
Wooden Handrest, threaded Stem
MB bassoon case
Two silver plated BELL bocals


on request
Here are some pictures of the specifications
Left thumb (rollers:C#/Whisper Key , Middle A Key, Low C/D, Whisper Key Lock)
Left Hand Eb Trill Key Silver water finger tubes, high e key
Right thumb (rollers:Bb,E,F#,Ab) Ab/Bb trill key
Right hand (rollers:F,F#,Ab) ,Wooden Hand Rest threaded Stem